Never figured I would reach this milestone! It may not mean much for other people who can easily attain that, but it was something I wasn’t expecting. It’s nice to have achieved it though! I flip flop around with my content, but I want to know what people want to see more of? I’ve been lazy/busy on trying to bring my own photography into this blog, not to mention lack of photo equipment I’ve been wanting to purchase lately. Once funds get going, I’ll put some of that into trying to get car coverage (I know I’ve mentioned that in the past, but hope to bring some more one day.) Sorry for lagging on that! I know other car blogs have obviously done better, but photography is a hobby I’ve been wanting to get heavily into and want to incorporate it one day.

Would people want to see some shirts? Maybe I can use that to fund my photo/video projects one day! LOL We shall see!

PROPS ONCE AGAIN to TeamVitz and RA64Freddy who first showed support! Thanks again Peter and Freddy!!! Much props to Freddy for the success of his blog! His jdm car content is on point! Appreciate how dude stays humble unlike those other blogs who are some on some elitist bullshit.  Reason why I want to keep mine simple, yet, promote being humble. No beefs and bullshit, just having fun with people who share the same hobbies as me.

Thanks goes out to Automotive VocaBULAry, AW350me, JDM Evolved, JDM Addiction, My Auto Obsession, Monkey Boys Yo, and Private Runners for showing support by having us on your blog roll. I appreciate that!

Thanks to everyone who visit the site, especially those who frequent it and follow daily! Without the support, I wouldn’t have the motivation to continue posting. Thanks for keeping me on here!

2 Responses to “Platinum Status: A MILLI A MILLI – A MILLION VIEWS!!!”

  1. Congrats bud and thanks for the plug! Always been a fan of your wide diversity of post..cant believe you got to a million views so damn quick..
    Here’s to 2 million more!

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