Two years ago today, I signed up for a wordpress blog since I wanted a random platform where I can just post about things I like such as cars, music, and other random things. Never figured people would actually find interest in the things I post.

Well folks, two years later and I’m still around doing it! Been getting tons of support these days! It’s crazy what a difference a year has made from hitting the first year anniversary. Too many things have happened in my life, but it’s only getting better.  Once again, thank you for your continued support! It’s highly appreciated! Not to mention, we’re very close to that awesome achievement of a million views! Never figured that it would go that far!

Quick thank you to TeamVitz and RA64Freddy who were the first websites to show love for this blog! Thanks again Peter and Freddy! Keep up with the great work with your sites!

Thanks goes out to Automotive VocaBULAry, AW350me, JDM Evolved, JDM Addiction, My Auto Obsession, Monkey Boys Yo, and Private Runners for showing support by having us on your blog roll! I appreciate that!!!

Once again, THANK YOU!

Now let’s stay on pace for that millionth view!


  1. Congrats brotha..keep the awesome content coming!!

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