Great Run San Francisco!!!

Despite the loss tonight, I’m proud of the Niners. They’ve gone further than I ever expected them to this season. I was just being hopeful at the beginning of the season that they can at least make it into the playoffs. Who knew they’d go 13 and 3 in the regular season? It was a dope ass run. I’ve always talked shit about Alex Smith over the years. I would always say “Why do they still have him?” With what he did with the team this season, I take back all the shit I’ve said. Smith definitely redeemed himself! Hopefully he can continue with this style of play in the future. Best believe, they’ll come around one day playing for that title! Last week’s game against the Saints still made history books, along with “The Catch Part III”  No doubt, it was one of the best seasons we had in a long time! Jim Harbaugh is one hell of a coach to have turned this team around.

Don’t trip Niner fans, it could only get better! Patience is a virtue. True Niner fans will stick it out through all the bullshit, win or lose. Even after tonight, I’ll still be considered gold blooded, niner faithful, ninergang to the fullest! All day everyday!


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