Ireland’s Import of Mistaken Identity

This Altezza from Ireland isn’t just any ordinary Beams 3s-gte powered Toyota sedan; it’s gone through quite an overhaul. One thing to mention, the owner ditched the Beams powerplant in mind for a SR20.

DAAAAMN Gina! This shit is kinda dope, although I think the over fenders look a bit off. Wish the owner filled it in and smoothed it out some more; then again, it isn’t my car. That rear fitment is ridiculous though! I’m loving the overall color of both the car and wheels!

2 Responses to “Ireland’s Import of Mistaken Identity”

  1. Great Looking IS300, very individual. Where are those arches/over fenders from. Huge fan of widebodys and deep dishes. Would love to know.

  2. Full build on Team Chihuahua in the albums section.

    Arches are CBY for an AE86.

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