Speeding at Tiffany’s

Hellaflushed status Tiffany colored EG

photo by imnotJDM

12 Responses to “Speeding at Tiffany’s”

  1. Hey I was wondering if anybody knew the specs on the wheel fitment? Been looking online, couldn’t find anything. Thanks.

  2. what type of bumper are you runnning? where can i buy one & how much? Thanks!

  3. I know this has been awhile but i was also wondering if you knew anything on the stance of the wheels, that they are (bbs, ccw) i really want these on my hatchback thanks please reply if anything is found.

    • Hi, Chris, the wheels on that hatch are Diamond Racing steelies. The specs are 15×8 for the fronts (5 offset) with 165/45 tires. 15×10 in the rear (-5 offset) with 195/45 tires. Hope that helps! Taken from the StanceNation article. Ballin On A Budget

      • Yo man omg thanks a lot. I was callin everyone i knew to see if they knew what they were. They all said they could be anything lol but your a life saver thanks man i really appreciate it.

    • Glad I could help!

      • Hey by any chance would you happen to know where they sell Diamond racing steelies? I looked on the diamond racing site but there isnt really much info. Would you happen to know where they sell the Diamond Racing wheels?

      • All my friends basically called them. Have an idea on the size, width, offset of what you want to run so you can make it easier when you order through telephone.

  4. Sweet thanks will do.

  5. artfuleg6 Says:

    Hey I was wondering what exact color that is
    Any help?

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