Sight For Sore Eyes

Yeah, EK’s are everywhere, but to me, it’s rare to see one so clean.  Living in SoCal, it’s an everyday sight to see wack done up cars.

I can definitely appreciate anyone who has taken the time to put their time and effort into a car… of any sort! Especially when it comes to any Civic. It’s an everyday car that gets easily ruined by many.

This post goes out to my Honda enthusiasts buddies. They know a beauty when they see one.

One clean 96 Civic CX.  I love simple! 


4 Responses to “Sight For Sore Eyes”

  1. Nicholas Silva Says:

    how much and where was it done?
    leave your info at my website

  2. what color is the paint?

  3. hope my hatch is as cool as this! thumbs up!

  4. Any1 know the colour code for the paint?

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