Random E3 2011 Dope Girl of the Day: NOS Bottle Smuggler

Yeah, she mos def hiding two bottles!

I’ll post more of others tomorrow. I’m tired hella tired. Good night y’all!

Putting the usual NSFW tags just for those peeping this at work.

Edit: Thanks to DR1B for hitting me up with this model’s name since so many has been asking me lately, her name is Sarah Licon. Thanks again man!


8 Responses to “Random E3 2011 Dope Girl of the Day: NOS Bottle Smuggler”

  1. Sweet baby jesus, she is gorgeous! Wonder who she is though?

  2. Hey dude iv been wondering what her name is and been looking eva since? Do you know her name??

  3. Her name is Sarah Licon

  4. dude! she lives like a block away from me! she is sooo beautiful! i used to talk to her every now and then but she is really cool. she is hot but she has a twin brother who is HUMONGOUS and a younger bro who is just as big. but yeah, i never knew she got known.

  5. Gaaaaah! Next time you see her tell her she looked great at E3 and sneak a pic of her and upload!

  6. Yea Sarah Licon, she’s my friend she used to work at Hooters in Burbank. Got her number and we started working together, photoshoots, car shoots, she’s a really chill chick. We’re gonna do a photoshoot at my tattoo shop next month.

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