Rest in Paradise: Lifted Research Group Co-Founder, Jonas Bevacqua

A true visionary in the street wear industry has passed. Co-owner of Lifted Research Group (LRG), Jonas Bevacqua, 33, was found dead in Los Angeles this morning. No details have been released on the reason of his passing.

His contribution of style in the creation of LRG will always be respected by me.  I was down with the brand from the beginning in 1999 going to college in Irvine, not too far from where Jonas and Robert had started the clothing line.  They kept bringing the heat for a good decade.  Dope designs after another.  His visions will be truly missed and will truly be remembered.  My prayers and condolences go out to the Bevacqua and LRG family.

Make jeans, not war.

Adopt children, not styles.

Education through imagination

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