In Pursuit of Justice: U.S. Finally Kills Osama Bin Laden

Today is a historical day, Osama Bin Laden is officially dead! Well supposedly… Supposedly confirmed too.

Being a resident and citizen of this fine country, patriotism has set in.  It’s indeed, great news!  With this in mind, it still cannot heal what was done during September 11, 2001.  Even though, the grief left behind during 9/11 has left our country’s heart wounded; it brings a sense of justice to the victims that were involved on that tragic fateful day.

What took years in tracking and hunting Bin Laden down has finally ended! It may seem over for now, but we can always expect possible retaliation from the followers of Al Quaeda.  I commend President Barack’s Obama’s pursuit in finding Bin Laden after taking office. He presented a well stated and touching speech on this historical day.  Special thanks to our U.S Intelligence for getting the job done!

For the actual article via CNN: Osama Bin Laden dead

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