Hip Hop Potentially Saved in 2011?

Let’s face it, when it comes to commercial shit, it’s fallen off harder then the hasbeens on Dancing with the Stars. 2011 looks very promising with Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf have signed to Shady Records. For those unaware, Slaughterhouse consists of Crooked I from the West, Royce Da 5’9″ from Detroit, and Joe Buddens and Joell Ortiz from the East.

Jay-Z also done big things with ROC Nation by signing J. Cole and Jay Electronica.   We can’t forget about the the HRSMN aka Four Horsemen, which consists of Rass Kass, Kurupt, Killah Priest and Canibus who are all close to inking a deal with Hov.  Also, the highly anticipated Detox from Dr. Dre is supposedly suppose to drop this year. Shit is about to finally pop off in 2011…

I didn’t give much care or listen these past years when it came to hip hop/rap music, but maybe this is the year for some actual good music? I mean, kanYe West blessed us at the end of 2010 with his latest release. One can only hope that it can get better.

source XXL Magazine

5 Responses to “Hip Hop Potentially Saved in 2011?”

  1. Ruff Ryder Says:

    Man, i dont konw… if we look from outside U.S. (Eastern Europe, Romania) hip hop is kinda dead… On tv and radio we hear only garbage(i hope im not offend you) lil wayne, drake, young jeezy, 50 cent, the comercial eminem, T.I. .. that’s bullshit man. I miss the old underground shit. The main problem is that we cant find good quality hip hop you know? we dont have access to old that good shit like Rass Kass, Killah Priest and others. Nowadays we only listen to this weak r&b from tv 😦 it’s sad!

  2. ^ I would have to agree with you. Far from offending me at all. Here in the US, we had a strong underground scene in the 90s, but when the 2,000’s came; they all seem to have faded away.

    It is indeed sad, because there a lot of rap acts that I really can’t stand these days. I just go on with my day listening to old school R&B and hip hop. It’s hard to find good music these days, reason why I refer back to the past/history of it.

  3. Ruff Ryder Says:

    I just heard Tiesto featuring Busta Rhymes? WTF man 😦

  4. Latenights... Says:

    The four horsemen possibly signed by Jay?? It would be nice to hear Canibus with some decent production behind him. Holding Joe Buddens dissing Rae against listening to Slaughterhouse though. Say what you will, but not to the Wu.

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