Mugen RR Conversion rolling around in the 626 area?

I like the fact, some folks are going all out with their SI’s.

I actually saw an all out full Red RR conversion in my neighborhood on Christmas day, but my slow ass iPhone cam wasnt fast enough to take a pic as I drove up right behind it.  Dude had it down to everything.  Even the small wheel arch flares and the square brakelight at the bottom of the bumper! If you’re the owner of  that SI with a Red RR conversion in the 626 that I saw, hit me up! I want to do a photoshoot with you one day!

*Edit*(Gotta love internet searching!) I found the picture of the same car because I remember the God Speed license plate frames! 🙂

SIICK FG2 by the way. Definitely didn’t have these wheels when I saw it.


6 Responses to “Mugen RR Conversion rolling around in the 626 area?”

  1. clean, i havent seen it around. i spotted a silver ctr conversion here and there in the 626.

  2. This is one of my friend’s cars.

  3. Crazy Ken! ! Have all these guys looking at your ride. Well done budddy

  4. Thanks…I just found this link….thanks just added you on FB

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