Props to my boy Peter Tadros of TeamVitz on his current transformation of his Toyota Yaris.

He took first place for “Best Yaris” at yesterday’s L.A. Rendezvous Toys for Tots Car Show Drive in Los Angeles.

<Click on the photo to see the larger version>

4 Responses to “ORANGE CREAM(SIICK)LE”

  1. I need to know where you find those the wheel please i have a vitz 99 4wd

  2. can u say me the name of company

    • I can’t recall the name of the shop, but once I find out I’ll let you know since it’s my friend’s car. But if you’re not a resident of Los Angeles, then it’s better if you go with a website that everyone usually gets them from.

      That’s at Diamond Racing. You can order your specs

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