Hectic Week

So I started school this week on some medical bs I got myself into. I figured I’d try the field out. Also been trying to get some tees going for the site. I have about 4 designs I want to do. Printed one design out already. I need to find a spot to do the shirts for me instead, I think it’d save me some time and effort. I’ve been doing it all myself, so I take great pride in actually learning the process.

Maybe I’ll try making 3 other PROLIFIK-ONE.com tees this weekend and see if anyone would actually be interested in them.

My blog label logo tee design is actually being made later tonight, so I’ll post a few shots once I’m happy with the prints this upcoming week.

Once I get the medical class out the way and completed in the next 2 months, I got some big things in store. Hope the plans pan out the way I want them to be…

Stay tuned!

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