Spy Shots: Subaru FT-86 RWD Coupe

Here’s the collab coupe project between Toyota and Subaru, dubbed as the FT-86 aka “Toyobaru”

This is obviously a test mule which has been seen being tested in the hot ass California desert of Death Valley.

You can pretty much consider it a “Frankenmule” since it appears to be using various exterior pieces from various Subaru vehicles.  It doesn’t appear to be the FT-86’s true shell. Perhaps they’re testing the power plant that is to be used on the Subaru version?

Only time will tell. Toyota has its version slated for a November 2011 release.

I’m seriously hyped for this. This thing can have potential, assuming there’s a boosted boxer version of this. If they do go that route, I hope Toyota ends up using it too. We haven’t seen Toyota boost a car here in the states since the Supra and MR-2.

via AutoBlog

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