Mellow Yellow

Clean Yellow S2k with the Shine Auto Mooncraft replica hardtop with the windows.

Word to bronze TE37’s = My favorite wheel!

Love how this looks!

2 Responses to “Mellow Yellow”

  1. DudeManJoe Says:

    Wait, the hardtop is a replica? By replica, you mean knock-off, right? How can you condone fake parts but not fake rims?

    • If there is an improvement in aftermarket parts, then would you believe that its a positive aspect in usability? If you look at an authentic Spoon Mooncraft hardtop, you will notice there are no side windows which means blind spots for the driver. Spoon Sports never released a consumer version of their race version of the hardtop that had the windows. Shine Auto did just that, provide a replica with a purpose by adding something that would help the consumer for the sole purpose of driving. Plus I never mentioned anything about the negativity with fake parts when it comes to car aesthetics. Shoot, if you’re a broke car enthusiasts, go replica. LOL… It’s all personal preference, a lot of people can agree with me, while some won’t.

      A lot of fake wheels in general just have poor manufacturing, from bad experience I’ve witnessed, I wouldn’t want it on my car.

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