New Redesigned Microsoft X-Box 360

Call me lame, but I have yet bought a current gen gaming system. The old Xbox 360 looked wack. I can see why they made weird ugly face plates for them, but with the redesigned version, I think I’ll finally cop one.

A big smaller than the previous version, pretty much doing the whole Sony deal when they brought out the PS3 slim.

Plus it’s shiny. Looks cool, doesn’t look cheap to me anymore.

Downside, still the same price, but now has 802.11 N finally built in. No need for those pricey adapters.

They’re shipped out to stores starting today… Just in time for E3. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

Doesn’t look kinda Alienware’ish?

• Touch sensitive on/off and eject buttons (like the PS3)
• “Much quieter”
• 250GB internal hard drive, which is still swappable.
• A custom Kinect port (not the standard USB port)
• There are five USB ports now, with three in the back and two in the front
• AV cable included, an HDMI and optical audio
• Different power supply
• External Xbox 360 hard drives and memory units are NOT compatible with the new Xbox
• Other accessories are
• Internal components that are changed: two small fans changed into one large fan for quieter operation, 45nm integrated CPU and GPU

via Gizmodo


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