Yo Undefeated, can we get another Boston Sucks tee?

Dear Mr. James Bond and Mr. Eddie Cruz,

Putting this out in the air, but will the good folks at Undefeated be putting out another Laker related tshirt to commemorate the 2010 NBA Finals? Perhaps an UNDFTD x Team Odom Boston Sucks v2 tee? I missed out two years ago, I definitely copped the Orlando version.

Y’all probably wont read this, but yeah, would be dope to see what’s in store for us LA fans this time around!

-Sincerely, PROLIFIK

For those who don’t know or remember

From the 2008 NBA Finals

photos courtesy of UNDFTD

2 Responses to “Yo Undefeated, can we get another Boston Sucks tee?”

  1. The Lakers looked like a different team in Game 1. They were definitely not soft and made Boston look timid and old.

  2. […] Possible UNDFTD x Los Angeles Lakers 2010 Tee/Tank Top? Yesterday, I posted about how I wanted to see a new UNDFTD shirt commemorating their 2010 NBA Finals appearance. (See:Yo UNDFTD, can we get another Bostons sucks tee?) […]

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