BMW M3 GT2 wins the 2010 24 hours Nürburgring

//M Power reigns supreme once again on a long awaited return to the 15 and half mile famed Nordschleife circuit. The Number 25 BMW Team Schnitzer M3 GT2 consisted of Jorg Müller, Augusto Farfus, Uwe Alzen and Pedro Lamy.

Despite a radiator change and gearbox issues late in the race, Team Schnitzer managed a victory!

With a race that was basically dominated by Audis and Porsches, BMW comes through with a surprising, yet, impressive win in front of a crowd of 220,000 fans.

The Standings:

1. 25 BMW M3 GT2 – 154 laps
2. 43 Ferrari F430 GTC +3:53.191
3. 97 Audi R8 LMS +1 lap
4. 76 BMW Z4 GT3 +2 laps
5. 102 Audi R8 LMS +2 laps
6. 20 Porsche GT3 Cup S +3 laps
7. 26 BMW M3 GT2 +4 laps
8. 18 Porsche GT3 Cup S +4 laps
9. 69 BMW Z4 GT3 +5 laps
10. 35 Porsche 997 GT3 +6 laps

source: BMW Auto Blog

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