R.I.P to Gang Starr’s Keith “Guru” Elam

R.I.P Keith “Guru” Elam

June 17, 1966 – April 19, 2010

Sad news for Gangstarr fans. Guru of Gang Starr had passed away reportedly on Monday with complications from cancer. Let him be remembered from being one of the prolifik ones of hip hop.

via MTV

3 Responses to “R.I.P to Gang Starr’s Keith “Guru” Elam”

  1. el wehbi Says:

    That’s sad news man! Guru was unreal on the mic.


  2. malik pendleton Says:

    i had the honor of meeting Guru one time. i still remember our meeting like it was early today. i met Guru at the height of the NY/LA beef in LA. around that time most east coast rapper stayed on the east. this in itself says a lot about brother Guru. in the middle of one of the music award’s after party in LA, i didn’t know anyone there. a new producer that had not made his mark yet. looking around & the only familiar face i see is a man i’ve only seen on tv & magazines, Guru. nervous as hell, i’m like woe that’s GANG STARR. i finally pull together my courage to introduce myself. walk over to one of hiphop greatest mc’s (expecting to be dissed) & this brother embraced me with none of his star quality. “what up Guru, I’m a big fan” (peace-peace, thank you bruh, what’s ya name?) “malik, i’m a hungry producer workin out here takin a few meetings. this is my first time in LA. i thought it would be hot out here but its cold as hell.” (the temp drops at night…) the small talk goes on then Guru start enlightening me about the business. (watch yourself. this business can be grimy. stay humble, work hard, etc.) i only put this story up because when a man is no longer here to defend himself or merely speak his wishes or truth remember the way he lived & that should determine the way he’ll rest. for that, maybe 20ms, i no longer saw the artist Guru. i met the man Mr. Keith Elam, Guru. Thank you for your words of wisdom. rest easy… -malik pendleton

    • That’s dope that you got to meet an artist like Guru! One of the most modest and respectable dudes of our day! His music will forever live on! Thanks for sharing Malik! Much appreciated!

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