So I just got back from the Lakers vs Clippers game

I know, I have wack ass seats!

I’m unemployed right now (due to layoffs) and I appreciate the fact my sister got me a tickets to this game! So I attended the game earlier with the sis, father, and the longtime homie, Allen.

To make the night worse, the Lakers got KILLED, DESTROYED, whatever word that is associated with getting their asses kicked! The Lakers were just getting dunked on left and right by players like DeAndre Jordan and even Chris Kaman (out of all people)! I also think the hair dye has affected Ron Artest and DJ Mbenga because their performance was intolerable. Mbenga kept throwing up bricks. He had enough bricks to build himself a house already.

Props to the Clippers though because they have a good team and people in general don’t see that since they’re under the Lakers shadow. They’re so underrated at times and sharing a city with another big basketball team will often over shadow them.

I hate to say it Laker fans, but with the way they closed the regular season out earlier is not a good look! It’s not good news that the Oklahoma City Thunder is the Lakers first opponents in the first round of the playoffs.

Hopes of a repeat is a bit sketchy this season. I hate to be pessimistic, but this is a reality check for them. I’m not even sure if they can make it past the first round at this rate.

Final Score

Los Angeles Clippers: 107

Los Angeles Lakers: 91

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